This story begins where most good stories start, the computer of a 31-year-old man from North Carolina. Living with his parents, he is looking for any way to make money by doing odd jobs. He cleans at the local school in his area while his mom works as a prosecutor for the local courts. This man goes by the alias Sammy and has been programming for nearly 12 years. A social outcast, he barely has the motivation to get a job and instead slips into the world of cybercrime. He starts small and begins finding ways to get free food…

The black hat hacker’s premise is a story as old as time: find things, break things, make money. Over the years, there have been many creative attacks that have pioneered the industry and made groundbreaking changes in our digital infrastructure. While some may argue that attacks have become monolithic over the years, I would say that this isn’t necessarily true. Some people fail to realize that the best and most creative attacks are the ones we don’t see. This summer, I set off on an adventure of sorts to see what black-hat hackers were doing to circumvent systems. I started…


17 year old security researcher, developer, and economics enthusiast from the midwest.

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